Our Philosophy

Let’s have fun!

Bullboxer is all about fashion for your feet! We have a good time while doing what we love, and we do love what we do: we translate high fashion trends into fun and accessible street footwear. Our on-trend shoes get you looking fab in a flash and complete all your outfits. You’ll certainly find a pair that fits every style and mood.

Bullboxer will give you comfort, make you feel great and let your confidence skyrocket. We stand for wallet-friendly shoe fashion, where your feet will be happy in. Our mission is to make you feel and look good and put a smile on your face, one shoe at a time. Fashion is all about having fun!


The essence of street style

Bullboxer is designed for lively people who want to capture the essence of street style. They are fun-loving, free-spirited and young-minded. We are no fashion doctors who prescribe a specific look. We promote enjoying and experimenting with fashion. We don’t want you to always follow the (style) rules, but challenge you to bend them. We encourage people to express their individual style with a proud attitude. It’s all about being confidently unique.

We give you fashion

But challenge you to add your vision to call it your own. Bullboxer is for those who like to be trendy, but don´t want to look like a living mannequin. Bullboxer is the MVP of your shoe closet. We have items that match every moment and personality. From the dance floor on Friday night, a shopping trip on Saturday to a family brunch on Sunday and everything in between: there is always a Bullboxer shoe that does the fashion job for you.

We know shoes

We are driven by passion, dedication and creativity. Thanks to 30 years of experience, our knowledge of footwear has become one of our most powerful assets. We stand out from the crowd with our authentic design signature, which is uniquely playful, young and creative. Our footwear has a recognizable character thanks to the use of playful style elements. In our designs we LOVE a pop of color, funky prints, quirky decorations and cool textures. Our international styling team gives attention to detail and craftsmanship. They love to experiment with fashion, without taking it too seriously.

Bullboxer is known for its extensive collection, which is updated regularly with trendy items to keep you on the pulse of fashion. Our trend watchers are always on the lookout for upcoming important looks. This way you’ll never miss out on the next big thing… We’ll show you!

Our recipe

So in short, mix these ingredients together and you’ll get the perfect Bullboxer cocktail:

  • High fashion trends made fun and accessible
  • A distinctive, playful design signature
  • Quality and fashion that won’t bust your budget
  • A high variety of styles for a broad audience
  • Always on top of the trends
  • Constantly updated collection
  • An eye for details and craftsmanship
  • A fun vibe

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