Social Responsibility Statement

We don’t just want to look good, but also do good. We consider ourselves pretty fashion conscious, but also socially conscious, and not just when it comes to Facebook and Instagram. If you love what you do you never have to work a day in your life and we can confirm that statement (because: shoes, duh), but we actually have a business to run. With that comes the important responsibility of our impact on society and the environment, so we aim to leave as small a footprint -pun intended- as possible. We are not running for president or anything here, but we believe every little thing helps. So let’s get cracking, shall we?


We take pride in our roots. All of our shoes originate from our typical, authentic Dutch fortitude, but our dreams come to life because of the skills of our international friends. All our leather shoes are being produced in Portugal, where they are assembled by hand by our savvy and dedicated workforce. This includes all the finishing touches and minute details, such as the waxes that are applied to some of our models to give them that special and unique Bullboxer flair. Our synthetic shoe production is done in China, where the majority of the work is done by manual labor and the rest is handled by machines. All our resources that are needed to create kick-ass footwear are acquired within the same nations as the factories that produce them. We believe in supporting local businesses plus we avoid having to do any long distance resource shipments. Every single pair of our shoes is made with lots of TLC, so you can strut your stuff with pride.


Good shoes take you good places. But before you could slip into your favorite pair, your shoes went on a little trip of their own. From Portugal and the Far East, Bullboxer has found its way into over 3.000 stores all over planet earth. We aim to distribute our shoes in a way that reduces our environmental impact. For all long distance transports we use slow steamers which emit a strict minimum of GHG’s and are currently one of the cleanest options available. We have also decided that all transportation within The Netherlands going from our main port in Rotterdam to our headquarters in Waalwijk is to be done by barge, which is far less polluting than road vehicles and reduces our emissions even further.

Working Standards

Not to sound picky, but we only work with factories that share the same values as we do. It’s not a Miss World contest, but all our suppliers have been audited. This means that an independent organization such as the BSCI (Business Social Compliance Initiative) or the SMETA (Sedex Members Ethical Trade Audits) performs an inspection on labor conditions and environmental aspects according to ILO (International Labor Organization) standards. These organizations have all helped us to ensure the safety and appropriate treatment of our employees and the products they produce while also helping us to create a responsible and efficient supply chain.

Sustainable Resource Use and Product Safety

You know what they say about the Dutch. They are fun and outgoing (true), they all walk on wooden shoes (not true) and they are greedy (might be true). It’s in our DNA to make sure nothing goes to waste and we strive to be a socially and environmentally friendly company. As a result of this, our factories do not discard all of the leftover or damaged materials such as scraps of leather or synthetics because you can do many other useful things with them besides just throwing them in the bin. We use our leftover material for product development research, trying out new patterns and ideas for our future collections or testing the materials for strength and elasticity, so only an absolute minimum of our materials remain unused. As part of our environmental impact program we also test all our materials for their makeup and the presence of any unwanted chemicals and are currently working on the creation of a database

as a means of tracking and blacklisting suppliers that don’t meet our standards. In addition to the above, we like to keep our office as green as possible without acting like a horde of hippies. Most of our departments work in a paperless environment and we are proud to state that we have received a certificate to prove that all the energy used in our office in Waalwijk is 100% green. To help us minimize our office energy requirements we have decided to outsource many of our IT requirements and services to an energy efficient IT service centre. We are not perfect, but we try to do the right thing. Bullboxer can be worn with peace of mind.