Global partners

We at Bullboxer believe that there are two things in life which you can never have enough of: good friends and good shoes. And because we have all the shoes we can dream of, we decided to fly to Korea to meet up and have a little chat with our pals from ‘AU Commerce’ who are now officially our first license partner. AU Commerce is a rapidly growing, multi-branded business which concentrates on manufacturing and distributing consumer products. Founded in July of 2007 as a means to develop and license brands. Within 7 years it has managed to establish itself as an industry leader in the Korean shoe distribution market and is gaining increased attention from the global footwear industry.

Good Friends

Having first managed to acquire the exclusive licensing rights to the UK brand ‘Rock Fish’ for the Korean market, AU Commerce did not wait long to expand its range of available brands. Selecting brands from all over the world allows them to present a broad range of styles to their customers. Available brands include ‘Crucial’ coming at you straight from LA, the easy going Dutch shoe brand ‘Bullboxer’, and the stylish Italian ‘Santini’ are just a few of AU Commerce’s versatile selection.

Redy Lounge

‘REDY’ is a multi-shop brand and platform that is produced, operated and owned by AU Commerce. Owning over 30 ‘Redy’ retail stores, having numerous other multi-brand retail partners, and a variety of online retailers, AU Commerce boasts a list of over 500 points of sale and is growing steadily. Concentrating on comfortable and trendy designs of sneakers and many other seasonal shoes, AU Commerce’s ‘Redy’ will provide customers with a broad selection of international footwear and high customer satisfaction.

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