Dutch Design

A wise man once said: ‘if it ain’t Dutch, it ain’t much’. Honestly, he couldn’t have been more right. The Netherlands is a destination that is known to bring joy to the people, also in less orthodox ways. Let’s just state that us Dutchies know how to have fun. We don’t want to sound too much like a chauvinist pig here, but we are pretty damn proud of our heritage. Every single one of our designs – and yes, that’s so much even Carrie Bradshaw or a compulsive hoarder would be jealous-, is originated from Dutch soil. With soul, that is.

Even though we like to joke around a bit, there is one thing we are dead serious about: everything below the ankles. At Bullboxer we live and breathe shoes. Footwear is what we do and what we are. The Bullboxer product is a reflection of our character, which makes Bullboxer truly unique and never boring. Our slightly wacky, energetic Dutch brain is the driving force behind everything we do. Our shoes embody our love for living the fun life.

Best price / quality / design ratio

Bullboxer aims to be the equivalent of getting serious fashion kudos plus that bang for your buck. The latest fashion trends are our starting point when designing our shoes, but we never lose sight of practicality. Our goal is to make feet look on fleek, without restricting people’s mobility or breaking the bank. Bullboxer is where design, quality and price merge.

Fashion seal of approval

Bullboxer makes street-inspired shoes with a fun twist and preferably a tad bit of head-turning potential. Our products are the result of creativity, passion and experimentation and will push your style forward. Our trend-watchers travel the world to get inspiration for new collections that follow the latest fashion hypes.

It’s our passion to transform high-end trends to wearable and practical designs for a large audience to enjoy. Up-to-date style is guaranteed and none of our shoes leave the factory without our figurative fashion seal of approval. With Bullboxer, you will always be on the pulse of fashion. Cause if you are going to kick ass, you need kickass shoes.

‘Made for all’ fit

One of our brand philosophies is that Bullboxer shoes go with everything and everyone. Whoever you are and whatever your style is. Our footwear is created with a global audience in mind. Bullboxer shoes have a ‘made for all’ fit, which means our lasts have a universal, comfortable shape that is wearable and suitable for many types of feet. In more than 30 countries worldwide, from Asia to America and Europe, people are enjoying their pair of Bullboxer shoes. We told you before: we won’t stop until each one of you looks amazing, one shoe at a time. Bullboxer is produced locally and enjoyed globally.

Portuguese handcraft

Our commitment to the creation of pragmatically unconventional shoes results in constantly evolving designs. This combined with the best skills in the game of Portuguese artisans is what brings our ideas to life. More than often we hop on a plane with a stockpile of sketches to meet up with our friends from the South to create stuff our dreams are made of. The majority of our collection is made out of European quality leathers and produced in Portugal. Handcrafted. Yes, you got that right. Our amazing team of craftsmen knows what’s up when it comes to techniques, materials and practical sagacity. They are devoted to creating an authentic shoe that has been manually made to fit, whoever you are. From sole to stitch, every aspect of our products have been taken care of with an undeniable passion.

The combination of Dutch guts and Portuguese flair is a magical mix that results in a kick-ass range of exclusive European footwear. Easy to love, but ridiculously hard to chose from. Bullboxer is a reliable source to help you score serious style points. As we like to say: don’t let anyone with bad shoes tell you shit about life. So excuse you, you have to go be awesome.

Top-notch testing standards

Making shoes is what floats our boats. So naturally, on top of our priority list is the creation of a collection of street style footwear that looks amazing. Always have, always will. While designing shoes, it’s you that’s on our mind. Our goal is for you to enjoy Bullboxer shoes to the fullest all day every day. That’s why we place special emphasis on product development to ensure quality that meets international standards set by independent organizations. The process of shoe creation requires craftsmanship, creativity and technical know-how. Therefore, all our suppliers are thoroughly audited following BSCI standards.

These collective efforts help to reach our goal to create a supply chain that is efficient and responsible. We extensively test our resources and products on quality, durability and (hazardous) chemicals, to elevate our overall quality. Bullboxer shoes are exclusively made in factories that have been audited and constantly monitored, to help us meet our desired results. On a day-to-day basis, our entire team is committed to the process of continual improvement.


Our company has been established in the good old ’80s, when spandex and perms were business as usual. Naturally, our experience spans over multiple decades and we have grown through trial and error. Evolving from a family-owned company in a small city in the South of the Netherlands, to a worldwide operating footwear brand, you can say we learned a thing or two about shoes and everything that comes with it. The know-how we gained over the years, is considered one of our most valuable assets.

At Bullboxer, we know shoes. The design, sales, purchasing,
logistics and marketing processes are managed from our HQ in the Netherlands and our production is outsourced internationally, where we are very much involved on a daily basis. Our products are made by as much manual labor as possible, by experienced craftsmen. We believe craftsmanship is one of the principles of great design. Our technical team is always working on new materials, combinations, prints, details and techniques. When purchasing a pair of Bullboxer shoes, we assure it’s created with A1 craftsmanship.

100% recycled shoe boxes

We don’t take our impact on people, planet and resources lightly. By being a globally operating footwear brand, we are aware of the responsibility that comes with it. Bullboxer has its own department for Social Responsibility and Sustainability, that works around the clock to create a sustainable supply chain from A to Z.

We believe that every step counts (make sure to wear nice shoes though), no matter how small or big. We strive to be environmentally conscious, and one of our initiatives in our commitment to sustainability is to reduce the amount of waste. We like to use as much natural materials as possible, so we use 100% recycled material for the creation of our European shoe boxes. Product innovation with a focus on efficiency is becoming more and more prominent in our daily business. So with just a simple idea, we can make a difference on a larger scale.