Throughout the years we have received (digital) truckloads of emails with your questions and feedback, so we have gathered them and created this FAQ list for you with the most relevant answers and information about our brand. So if you have a burning question, just scroll through this page. We are pretty sure you can find the answers you need.

Would you like to know something that is not covered here? Send an email to support@bullboxer.com. As we don’t have a B2C customer service department, please allow a couple of working days for our marketing team to respond.


In case of complaints, please contact the retailer which you purchased the shoes from. Because we do not have our own shops or a webshop, we do not sell directly to consumers. All Bullboxer products can only be purchased through our official resellers. This means we are not in the position to returns, exchanges, replacements or repairs ourselves.


Our FAQ list below covers all (or at least most) of the questions you may have about Bullboxer as a brand, about buying Bullboxer shoes, about our retailers, and of course about our customer service. Filter by category and find your question.

Do your shoes have style names?

Bullboxer shoes don’t have style names. The names you find online or in a store have been determined by that retailer and only help to identify the items ordered by that retailer.

Can I buy shoes directly from you?

Unfortunately not. We are a wholesaler so we cannot sell directly, Bummer.

Where can I buy Bullboxer shoes?

Please visit our list of online retailers on the Buy Online page. You’d be surprised where we’re hiding.

I’ve seen shoes that I like, but where can I buy them?

Please send us an inquiry using the contact Link with a clear description of the shoes and let us know in which country you live. If needed, we will ask you to provide us with a picture of the shoes so that we can check which retailers should stock this item. Within a few business days we will contact you with more information about the points of sale.

What is the price range of Bullboxer shoes?

Our shoes retail from €30 to €130. This includes our entire footwear collection, varying from summer sandals to overknee boots and everything in between.

What sizes do you offer?

Bullboxer footwear is labeled with European sizes. Please note that we currently do not offer half sizes.
Ladies: 36 – 41
Men: 40 – 46 (some models even go up to size 47 and 48)
Girls: 30 – 39
Boys: 31 – 40

How long do Bullboxer shoes stay in stores, and what do I do if I’m looking for an older model?

Bullboxer shoes usually stay in stores for one season and are then replaced by the following collection. We normally don’t restock, unless popular models sell out quickly. When a style is gone, it will be difficult to still snatch a pair. Throughout the year we constantly update our collection with new styles, because we know you like to refresh your footwear wardrobe on the regular. However, we do have some carry-over models that last several seasons, sometimes with a little styling make-over to keep you on the pulse of fashion.

How do I know if a store or online shop is a licensed distributor of your products?

When buying Bullboxer shoes, always make sure to buy from one of our official retailers. Otherwise quality cannot be guaranteed. Also, our certified resellers sell our shoes at official prices. A large selection of our points of sale can be found on our website, but if you are unsure about the legitimacy of a retailer/e-shop then please don’t hesitate to contact us.

How socially responsible are you? What do you do to minimize your impact and maximize efficiency?

Ah, good question! For information regarding our social responsibilities, please visit the Social Responsibility page to find our full statement.

Are there any available job opportunities, and where can I find them?

We are proud that Bullboxer is growing as a brand and a company and that we are always on the lookout for valuable new team members. All of the currently available jobs are listed on the Jobs page of our website.

Are your shoes available globally?

Bullboxer is available in approximately 30 countries throughout the world. We do our best to offer our products to as many countries and markets as possible but have not yet achieved total world domination. In order to find out if there are any stores near you, please visit the Buy online page on our website.

Where can I find out more about where and how Bullboxer products are manufactured?

We are devoted to creating a line of out of the ordinary footwear, that has maximum wearability and a high level of comfort. The majority of the Bullboxer collection consists of leather goods. All our leather shoes are handmade in Portugal by using high quality, locally sourced leathers. A smaller selection of our (synthetic) women’s collection is produced in China. We work with a dedicated team of skilled craftsmen who handcraft each pair of Bullboxer shoes with love. For more information, please visit the following page: ‘Our Shoes

I’m a customer/fan of Bullboxer and would like to share my opinion.

Please feel free to share your opinions with us. We are always happy to hear from our fans and customers. Simply use the ‘Contact us’ button on our Contact page to share your thoughts or mention us on social media.

I’m a retailer and I’d like to carry your brand. Who should I contact?

We are always happy to hear from you. Please send us an inquiry using the contact form with information about your shops(s), in what country you are located and if you are interested in our women’s, men’s or children’s footwear. Our sales department will contact you after your inquiry has been forwarded.

I’m a Blogger/Journalist and I’d like to work with your brand. Who should I contact?

Please send us an inquiry using the contact form and provide us with some information about your blog and what you have in mind for a possible collaboration.

How do I care for my shoes?

Please click the following link to take a look at our cleaning and care taking guide.

Shoe Care

Who should I contact when I have a complaint about your shoes?

Your concerns are very important to us and we hope that they can be handled to your satisfaction. Our business model requires challenges such as this to be handled directly with the store from which you purchased the shoes. Please contact them in hopes of a beneficial outcome. The retailer has their own return/exchange policy.
In order to receive store support please follow the steps listed below:

  • Firstly you will need to find the receipt or a digital proof of purchase.
  • Take the receipt/proof of purchase back to the store together with the shoes.
  • The local staff will evaluate your situation and offer assistance accordingly.

What do I do if the responsible retailer is unable to help me?

If you are deemed ineligible for store support or are otherwise denied support then you will need to resort to the following solution:

Please seek out a shoe-repair store in your area to have them professionally repaired for a nominal fee.

What do I do if my shoes have a defect?

Please contact the responsible retailer for help.

Do you offer any repair services?

No. As a wholesale company we made agreements with our sales partners which state that they must handle all ‘post sales support’. Please contact the responsible retailer for help.

Do you accept returns?

We do not and cannot accept returns. Our business model requires challenges such as this to be handled directly with the store which you purchased the shoes from. Please contact them in hopes of a beneficial outcome. The retailer has their own return/exchange policy.

Do you offer any spare or replacement parts?

No, we currently do not offer any spare or replacement parts. This includes all laces, straps, inlays, soles etc. However, a selection of our shoes come with an extra set of laces or heel tips. This can be found in the shoebox of your newly purchased Bullboxer shoes.